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Murray Grant: Bio

Murray Grant

Murray Grant is a New Age/World artist from Surrey in British Columbia, Canada. He is a composer who plays drums and keyboards. His new CD, 3000 Days, along with his first release, House Of Mirrors, are collections of instrumental compositions that combine acoustic ethnic instruments from Asia and Africa (erhu, yanqin, dizi and bang di, sitar, djembe, dumbek, kpanlogo and tablas), with contemporary instruments (keyboards, guitar, bass and drums). Voice is also used to provide another texture, with Indian, West African and First Nations style vocals appearing on the tracks. Grant produced the album himself, recording the musicians and mixing the tracks at his personal studio.
Previously, Grant played drums and wrote music for all original bands in Vancouver. He also composed video soundtracks for companies like BC Tel and Vancouver Hospital before deciding to release his own CD. Grant and producer Andrew Duncan (Three Kings dbc, Los Angeles) assembled a cast of local ethnic musicians, and recorded House Of Mirrors at Duncan’s studio. The album received great reviews and radio play across Canada, as well as into the United States and Europe. The CD was licensed to Compton’s MW for release in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, and was accepted into the music libraries of TMP - The Music Publisher in Toronto, Deva Anderson Music Supervision in Los Angeles, S.L. Feldman & Associates and Boxx Entertainment in Vancouver, and Surreal to Reel in the U.S.
3000 Days, Grant’s latest release, features many of the same local instrumentalists who appeared on House Of Mirrors, along with new additions of shakuhachi, sitar tablas, and Indian style vocals. Grant produced the album himself, recording the musicians and mixing the tracks at his home studio.